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Hp Presario CQ60 Laptop Battery

Hp Presario CQ60 Laptop Battery

Battery Type:  Lithium Ion (Better Performance)
Capacity:  4400/5200/7800mah
Voltage:  10.8 Volts
Delivery Time:  Next Day Delivery (Ireland Only)
Compatibility Guarantee:  Yes
Overload Protection:  Built in
Current Regulation:  Yes
Operating Temperature:  0 to 40 Degrees
Phone & Email Support:  Yes
Delivery Method:  DPD Trackable
Certification:  CE
Customer Reviews:  View 1000+ Reviews Here
Vat Registered:  Yes
Insured Shipping:  Yes
Irish Owned & Operated:  Yes

Our Price:  €34.99
List Price:  €49.99
Saving Of:  30%
(Inc. 23% VAT)
Standard 4400mah:  
Upgrade to 5200mah:  
Add a laptop charger:  



Next Day Delivery Information

This laptop battery is for a HP Presario CQ60

This is a Li-ion laptop battery which operates at 10.8 Volts and has a capacity of 4400mah

This is a Li-ion laptop battery which operates at 10.8 Volts and comes in three different capacity options; 4400mah is typically the standard capacity as supplied with your laptop, the 5200mah and 7800mah options are also fully compatible but last longer between charges.

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